Plus Ten, Inc. specializes in the design and construction of high speed wireless Internet systems targeted at rural markets. We use state-of-the-art standards driven equipment and technologies to build robust, fast and reliable data communications for areas without DSL and Cable. From local broadcast sites (water tanks, grain elevators, towers) we connect to Business and Residential customers over the air at speeds as fast as Cable and DSL to provide Internet Access.

The Customer units are also designed to be used for other purposes, chiefly as a telephone network. Utilizing Voice-Over-IP technology, phone conversations can be carried on Sky-Net. This requires a small, inexpensive plug-in card and telephone instrument at the customer end, and somewhat more sophisticated, but off-the-shelf equipment at a central office to connect into the existing Public Switched Phone Network. Since it co-exists with other IP services (including Internet access and streaming video) within the Sky-Net network, we feel this is the ideal low-cost way to bring phone and data services to rural populations around the world.

Other interfaces can be plugged into the CPE units, adding functionality and allowing them to be used for other types of data communications and remote control. Small web-cams can be connected to allow visual monitoring of distant sites or teleconferencing. Data circuits to control water systems and wells can be constructed. Mountaintop transmitter sites and power system utility grids can be accessed, monitored and remote-controlled. The applications are nearly unlimited.

In downtown areas, it is possible for Public Safety Personnel in vehicles and on foot with laptop computers to directly access the town LAN and the Internet. While not providing seamless coverage, it does give Fire, Law Enforcement and Public Works employees access to databases and other on-line information in the field. To cover critical areas, additional Repeaters can be added to improve coverage.